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Amelia Mackenzie – Interview With a Cam Girl

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Well it that time again, my all new favorite time. It’s time for a new edition of our feature “An Interview With a Cam Girl”.

This week we have a submissive geek. She is brand new to the cam world and she is a self-proclaimed nerd. Today we are joined by the hot Amelia Mackenzie who has very kindly agreed to be our next cam girl.

For those of you that are asking. What is a cam girl? I’ll pretend like you aren’t winding me up and act like you have been living on the moon for the last 10 years. Cam girls are some of the sexiest, attractive, horny, kinky and genuine people you will meet. They earn some extra cash on the side by showing off their sexiest assets on their cams. You are invited to go along and watch them do so. Sometimes it’s even free, but usually if you “tip” the guys and girls on cam you will get to see some “extras”.

Name: Amelia Mackenzie Soprano Age: 23 Height: 5’7” Location: Massachusetts, USA Sexual Preference: Bi-curious Bra Size: 38D Dress Size: 14, I don’t usually wear dressed xD I’m working in that.

XS: Hello Amelia, Its great to be talking with you today. How has your day been so far?
AM: It’s great to talk to you as well. It’s been pretty good. I work and enjoy the company of my friends, both online and in real life. My puppy is still being trained by me and spoiled by everyone else…smh.

XS: For those that don’t know, who is Amelia Mackenzie?
AM: I’m an internet model for myfreecams! I’m intelligent, perverted, kinky, a bratty submissive, kind, loyal and caring person. Sometimes I’m a clown. I like clowns!

XS: How long have you been doing what you do?
AM: I’ve always helped people even as a volunteer. I just obtained my certification for home health aid the end of February and started camming March 29th this year. I hope to become a successful internet model and eventually a doctor.

XS: What made you get into the industry?
AM: My best friend told me about it. I really enjoy keeping myself busy and talking to people passes time. I have anxiety, depression and ADHD. I think MFC(MyFreeCams) might be a good way to make friends and fill some down time!

XS: You look pretty good. How do you stay in shape?
AM: Unfortunately I don’t work out as much as I should. However, I love to hike, swim, ride bikes, go on walks and yoga!

XS: On cam, what is the strangest request that you’ve had?
AM: To chew food and mail it to someone. That’s bird status, but sure if that’s YOUR thing. I’ll pretend you’re a baby bird.

XS: Have you ever had to say no to any requests?
AM: Of course, everyone likes different stuff. It just so happens I side with those who don’t have defecation fetishes. Absolutely not happening.

XS: Are you single?
AM: Yes, but I’ve got my eyes on a prize.

XS: What sort of guy or girl is your type?
AM: Intelligent, funny, logical, good at handling anger.

XS: What turns you on?
AM: Intelligence, well put together, nice teeth, beautiful eyes, can hold a conversation, older guys, and a suit and tie FTW!!

XS: What turns you off?
AM: Bad temper, immaturity, bad hygiene, users,

XS: Who is your celebrity crush?
AM: Hugh Lorie, I love him as Dr. Gregory House.

XS: Talking of celebrities. You have to pick one for the following:
AM:a) Fuck – Joe Manganiello
AM:b) Marry – Bill Gates
AM:c) Destroy(reputation) – I hate Taylor Swift.

Joe Manganiello - Fuck
Joe Manganiello – Fuck
Bill Gates - Marry
Bill Gates – Marry
Taylor Swift - Kill
Taylor Swift – Kill

XS: Tell us something fun or random about your self.
AM: Me? Lol, Well I’m a Clown from the Dark Carnival. I have a puppy named Athena and a Snake named Edee. I love spiders, I hate flies and mosquito’s they freak me out. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite movie.

XS: Tell us something interesting about yourself.
AM: I can put my legs behind my neck. I have perfected procrastination, it’s an art I have mastered, the ADHD doesn’t help but you win some and lose some.

XS: What was the last photo you took with your phone?
AM: A sign for XXX Selfies! Well, a few signs we’re not there yet.

Amelia Mackenzie xxx selfies 13

XS: What was the last lie that you told (be honest)?
AM: I told my work I was with my cousin on my day off and that’s why they couldn’t get a hold of me. #Badass

XS: What question do you hate to answer?
AM: “Why are you ignoring me? “ Well, 1. I don’t ignore anyone. 2. If I don’t like you, you’ll know. 3. I can never find my phone and when I do I’m like “Yay I found it, oooooooooo monster.” Trust me, everyone thinks I ignore them I just respond in my head.

XS: Where can people find you(site links etc)?
AM:  Snapchat: AmeliaKenziMFC I have skyprivate. Live:amsoprano_1 Kik: AmeliaKenziMFC

XS: What does the future hold for Amelia Kenzi?
AM: Hopefully lots of love and lots of friends. I hope to be successful because well who wants to fail and be hated xD

Well, there you have it , guys and gals! What do you think of our sexy Amelia Mckenzie? Would you like to see more of her?  If you are an avid Twitter user then make sure to follow her, you can find her here AmeliakenziMFC.

Do you know a cam girl like Amelia Mackenzie that we NEED to feature in our next article? Then please get in touch.


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