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Chelsea Ferguson and 20 of her sexy selfies

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Chelsea Ferguson is so dirty she got banned from Snapchat! Chelsea Ferguson is the girl so hot that she got banned from Snapchat. Who gets banned from Snapchat? Check out the kind of selfies she got kicked for right here. Let me tell you, they are definitely worth a look.

The social media selfie queen got kicked off Snapchat after they disapproved of her X Rated selfies. What a bunch of killjoys. Thankfully Chelsea didn’t let them get to her, quickly posting a fully naked selfie on her Twitter account. You can see many similar Chelsea Ferguson selfies below. If you are a frequent visitor to Chelsea’s social media accounts then you will see she works at the Blue Velvet strip club in Newcastle. If you ever find your self in the North East, does us a favour and go check her out and let us know what you think. I’m sure she is worth the trip.

As you can tell from the hot selfies above. Chelsea Ferguson really is a girl you need to follow on Twitter and Instagram and make sure you add her to your favorites as you do NOT want to be missing her regular xxx selfie posts. What are your thoughts on Chelsea? Leave a comment below and get the debate started. I personally like the look of Chelsea. She is a great looking girl with plenty of personalities it seems.


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