89 thoughts on “[F] [18] On/off I wonder if my male friends imagine me like this

  1. Beyond the shadow of a doubt ….the only time we don’t think about sex and especially sexy bodies like yours, is when we are having sex and that is just to avoid going off too soon.

  2. As a guy, I can confirm that almost all of your straight male friends will have tried masturbating to you at some point as long as they find you at all good looking. So, if you’re at all secure about your appearance (and from looking through your photos, you should be), the next time you’re with a guy friend, enjoy knowing that he’s probably shot a load to thoughts of you at least once.

  3. Well.. Being a male, I know that all the straight ones definitely do! Give an some live…wear right outfits and v neck sweaters, open a button or two when you ha e a chance to play it off as innocent. Work sucks when there are no attractive women in your world

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