178 thoughts on “Hope(f)ully this made your Monday better

  1. This did make my Monday better, I was going to kill myself today but now I think I’ll stick it out for more naked booty pics (just an insensitive joke don’t worry)

  2. I’m just getting over the flu and ready to go to work nearly full strength. But then I see your buns splayed all over my screen, and now I want to call in “sick” for fapping purposes.

  3. Woke up with an huge headache, stuff at work getting hard to bare by the second and just felt an earthquake (small) while rains like he’ll and the sky is Grey and depressing. You caused my first and possibly only smile of the day. Thank you

  4. Did it ever?? Put a smile on my face immediately!! Could only imagine waking up to that every day… lucky someone… lol thanks for sharing us less fortunate l!😍😘πŸ”₯😜

  5. With that body, I bet you can make things move without touching them. You can make animals do what You want without training them. You can make bad things happen to people who are mean to you.

  6. My wife just left for a 3 day business trip so yeah, this helps a bit. Also, if you want to fill in for the next 3 nights hit me up. Need someone to assist with the wifely duties.

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