176 thoughts on “I might give in and post a short GI(F) tomorrow. If I do, what do you want to se…

  1. I’m actually just impressed by how clean everything is. Don’t get me wrong, the foreground is immaculate as well…but that you have your shit that together is even more impresssive.

  2. Fingering while wearing knee high or thigh high socks.

    The scene you laying down on your bed with a pillow on your back, somewhat arching you up so we can see you perfect breasts. Knees pointing to the sky or your toes pointing to the sky (will add examples in an edit). You start to rub you luscious pussy teasing yourself, you reach a moment where you want more, but try and fight it with a lip bite. You eventually give in and pleasure yourself to completion.

    Edit: https://imgur.com/yLgJJ7Q.mp4 (no taking off your socks though or hiding your boobs πŸ˜‰ )


    https://imgur.com/upuXfed.jpg with socks on

  3. First. you look so adorably sexy in this pic. love your hair and those legs and those breasts… Ok for the vid I would like to see you playing with that amazing body and seeing you enjoying yourself…. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. Super cute boobs! Amazingly lovely nipples! You seems to be so hot, your pale skin… Do you want to live in my dreams fot the rest of our lives (includding the dirty ones – specially these ones)??

  5. You look like you have a great ass, could you do a gif where you peel off your panties while bending over (rear view) angled nicely so I can see your sweet tits hanging down too? A squeeze or two would be nice πŸ˜‰

  6. The winning formula: titty drop out of bra, drop them again with your hands for good measure, minor masturbation, and then bend over to show them hanging, turn around, bend over again, and for *those guys* spread ’em. I’m not a *spread ’em* guy, but this is the formula that works.

  7. Something simple, yet sexy. Standing up with those shorts on, topless…give a little shake, jiggle the tatas. Then give us a twirl…and slide those shorts down, show off that booty.

  8. Good lord, I can’t think of anything you would show me, that I wouldn’t be forever in ur debt to gauze upon. Pale redheads R my greatest weakness. U should be cherished just for ur trouble!!

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