I'm getting dressed for work. And I can't stop (f)antasizing that one of you wil...

I’m getting dressed for work. And I can’t stop (f)antasizing that one of you wil…

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I’m getting dressed for work. And I can’t stop (f)antasizing that one of you will walk into my bar, recognize me, order a drink, and say, “thank you Bluegrace.” God, it would be so on.

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69 thoughts on “I’m getting dressed for work. And I can’t stop (f)antasizing that one of you wil…

  1. nice sentiment! i have had this fantasy also…. always wondering if the guy next to me in the check out line, or pumping my gas, is the same guy who is gonna check his phone as soon as i hit the submit button…. hot, gets my expo nerves tingling like crazy!

  2. You’d have to be very perceptive to recognize someone just by bodily features. That person will see moles that even you didn’t realize where there. And to be that person, you’d have to become ‘ The supreme stalker with the observant and obsessive capabilities’ * In the stereotypical toy commercial voice*

  3. I could probably get the state correct in 2 tries. Unfortunate part is that I don’t live next to either of them. But a man can dream can’t he? x) Have a good one Bluegrace, let that lust serve you well 😉

  4. Lmao you’re totally right it would be on. Literally seem like an awesome down to earth woman. On the other hand, too bad I’ll never find you.

    Haha, post history aside (whereas you’re insanely interesting to me) you seem cool from your responses! chances are someone would say it to ya and he’d be a fat redditor. Heh!

  5. I love bartenders. Whenever I went to the bar with my friends I’d stick out like a sore thumb. They were stupid and loud, I was just sitting at the bar minding my drink. They always come up and chat with me about normal random shit. Eventually they mention they’re cutting off my friends and I’d just have to say, “Well it’s about time.” You guys deal with way too much shit not to be paid a lot more lol

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