Ines Helene Swedish Goddess

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“Ines Helene has been blessed by the gods with her 38DD/F breasts”

If you have never had a reason to thank Sweden for something then I can give you the best and only reason you will ever need. Ines Helene is that reason, the Instagram enigma and sexiest thing on social media.  If the name is new to you then I urge you to get straight on her social media accounts and get following. You will be treated to some of the hottest selfies currently on the web straight to your screens. The best places to find her is on Twitter and Instagram, both have outstanding content. Ines is now trying to make this her full time job or at least a bit of cash on the side, so I encourage you to follow her and support her massively. That way she can spend more of her precious time taking sexy selfies like the hot content I have for you below.

Although Ines was bought up in Sweden they shouldn’t get all the credit as she her birth ethnicity is actually Serbian/Bosnian. As you can see Ines Helene has been blessed by the gods with her 38DD/F breasts. She enjoys a good pizza preffereably while listening to some soul or jazz music. All you football fans won’t be disappointed either as she is a keen follower of Inter Milian and theres even something for all of you geeks out there too, she loves Games of Thrones. Sweden helped make her, Instagram helped share her I hope you enjoyed these mouth watering selfies. Remember to follow Ines for more awesome content.

As a prime example of her sexy content and to re-enforce the reason to follow Ines, as I was writing this post to you guys this just popped up on her Twitter feed. I mean come on man, I am just speechless. Ines Helene if you are reading this, please please please leave a comment or send us a message.

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