24 thoughts on “What do you think? Hoping to inspire more eloquent users (;

  1. That sublime ass, that bare expanse of luscious naked skin, a luminous tableau from that cascade of shining hair, down behind that ass to those lovely, athletic legs.

    Had I more time – or if you turned around – I might even write a sonnet… 😘

  2. i wouldnt know how far to go, if you just want to be praised or you want to hear the complete string of thoughts that are rushing in my head. but yes, you are gorgeous, and id love to bury my face between your legs for however long youd want me to. i love that i will never see your face, because in a sense, that makes your image a sort of mirage, of something impossible to know and to possess. i can only imagine feeling all my senses wrapped around you trying to get to experience you in everyway: smell, sound, touch and taste. you are fucking beautiful

  3. I’d love to nibble on those meat curtains till they’re red and raw then turn my attention to your clit. When it’s huge, throbbing an so sensitive that you don’t want me to touch it I’ll drive my thick cock all the way in. I long to hear you cry for me to stop and beg me not to as I pound you mercilessly until I fill you so deep you’ll leak me for days

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